I saw during the whoile trip an amazing variety of animals and birds. It was the first time in my life that I saw so many animals in wildlife and I was very impressed. I’ve tried by use  the internet to identify them but I am not sure that everything is right. If you find some mistakes or if you know any animals that I could not identify, please let me know.

The photos are sorted considering the places where I took the pictures.


Patagonia: Guanaco



Peninsula Valdez: Elephant Seals (sea elephants)



Peninsula Valdez: Sea lions


Peninsula Vadez, Punta Tomba: Magellan Pinguins

Punta Tomba: Piche Patagonico (Germ: Borsten-


Punta Tomba: Mara (in the middle of the pinguin colony: big danger!!!)

Punta Arenas: Woodpecker? (span: Carpinterio)



Punta Arenas: Cormorants




Punta Arenas: not identified



Punta Arenas: Nandu




Parque Pumalin: not identified



Parque Pumalin: Dolphin (Tonino)



Parque Pumalin: Fox




Parque Pumalin: chucoa (Span.)




Iguazu: Coati (Span.), Nasenbär (Germ.)


Iguazu: Southern Lapwing?




Iguazu: Vulture?

Iguazu: Teju (Span.), Bänder-Teju (Germ.)


Iguazu: Kappen-


Iguazu: Turtle




Iguazu: Butterfly